Choosing power supply for 600W spindle

(Michael K Johnson) #1

I have a 600W 48V spindle for my OX-to-be-built, but no 600W 48V power supply. I have multiple 400W power supplies, but I don’t think they have a load-sharing feature. Is a 48V 600W nominal power supply typically sufficient, or has it been necessary in practice to use a 1000W supply?

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

Are you sure it is a 600W and not a 500W? I have seen tons of 500’s but have never seen a 600. But that aside, I used to have a 500W spindle on an OX and it used just a 500W supply, never had any issues with it. Currently have an 800W on my OX, and a 1.5kW on my Sphinx. Once you have a 1.5kW or 2.2kW spindle, the under 1k’s seem like toys. The OX can handle a 1.5kW air cooled spindle if you make sure the Z axis motor is always energized, there is no slippage at that weight when energized.

(Michael K Johnson) #3

@Brandon_Satterfield identified it as 600W, so legit. :slight_smile:

I now see someone posted showing the power supply for that spindle which is 110V 8A, and 600 W / 110V = 5.45A — that should be capable of handing even an 800W spindle since 110V * 8A = 880W. Looks a lot like this kit. I was just barking up the wrong tree looking at the 48V power supply.

(Awesome Coder) #4

I am now sure if Brandon still has the 48v PSU or what the W are for it. Look on hist inventory sheet.

(Michael K Johnson) #5

Brandon sent me the right PSU — I just didn’t know what I was looking for when I initially posted and I was trying to avoid bothering him. :slight_smile:

@Awesome_Coder at this point, he has 14 400W 48v power supplies left. I already bought two, but for another project. :slight_smile:

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