Choosing Controller board. - NEWB

Hello everyone i am very new in cnc machining.

but i decided to build a CNC Router. What I am wondering about is the controller board.

I already Have “mks robin nano v3 32 bit”

The main Question is why should I buy an expensive Controller board instead of what I already have?
What is the advantage of for example “Black box” or CNC xPRO V4 Controller ect.

Welcome to the forum.

The answer may be "there isn’t. It depends on what your build skill level is and how much you want to use a combination of router and controller that someone else has already built and is working.

“Black Boxes” general come prewired and if they have already been used and tested with your machine it may save you the time “figuring” it out.

If it were I and I had a controller I would use it. There is no downside since you already have the board.

Of course, the devil is in the build details.


Thank you for advice!