Choosing a new corexy or markforged printer

If security is a concern and money is no issue and you HAVE to have a Bambu they do offer an enterprise version that includes better protection but you pay for that security (MSRP $2.5K). Bambu Carbon X1E.

The Bambu is an amazing machine BUT there are sooo many options out there now.

Good luck to you and your company. Worst comes to worst you can just use the SD card to transfer files but you lose camera function and Bambu online studio.

The Bambu Carbon XI can be used in LAN mode but again you lose camera and online Bambu studio.

There is Lan-Only mode which could be run on an isolated LAN or WAN with the ‘isolated’ part made any way you’d like. Separate WAP with no Internet connection, or a virtual WAP with restricted networking, etc.

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