Chillpeppr'in on the 3040 with .

Chillpeppr’in on the 3040 with tinyg. This was a “lets just cut something” sort of thing. I actually had the bit too loose nothing really “tested” I just wanted to see how well / accurate the machine was out of box. It preformed pretty awesome.

That’s super hot.

Wow. Does it come pre-assembled? How is it comparing to shapeoko?

Mine shows up on Friday. I got the same one. It is pre-assembled. It is super accurate and strong. You definitely can do aluminum. This is cheaper than the Shapeoko 3 if you consider you get a spindle on this that is PWM controllable, you get Nema 23’s (Nema 17’s on Shapeoko 3), you get threaded rods with a ball screw (ball screws are the most high-end of lead screws), cable tray runners, an aluminum bed with tie down clamps, and power supply. It also has a bunch of 4th and 5th axis options available on ebay. I don’t really think anything comes close to this machine right now if it fits your size.

What sort of metal cutting do you think we can do with these? I still have my sights on a CNC6090, but I want to do more with 6061 aluminum than otehr materials. What do you guys think are the limitations of this machine? If doing metal is too problematic I’ll just design my own machine to be made from welded steel square tube, the kind used to build NASCAR chassis frames. Think that should allow me to do lots of different metal.

I’m assembling mine as we speak. I’m recording the whole build for the ChiliPeppr community. I plan to do a lot of aluminum so should be able to report to you soon what I find. From the look of this machine so far, it’s going to work for aluminum.

basically I want to get a machine of this variety to mill the 1/4 inch thick 6061 panels for the 3Dprinter/CNC combo machien I am developing for my startup. If I can do 100s of hours of aluminum machining even if I have to use a slow feedrate and shallow plunges with this then it will most definitely be cheaper than professional machining.