ChiliPeppr Won't Mirror

(Rick Obel) #1

It won’t mirror some of my Eagle files, but will render top and bottom, quite quickly. But, pushing mirror causes the prior render to disappear, but the mirror is never rendered. I am stuck so any advice is greatly appreciated. -Rick

I narrowed the problem down – I was using an RJ45 jack from one of my eagle libraries and it looks like that particular component will not mirror. I replaced that with a different RJ45 jack and it is fine.

Another anomaly I experienced was that the milling portion of my G-Code would not run. Upon inspection, I noticed that many of the x and y coordinates in the first 50 or so lines in that portion or the code were not numbers but instead all read “NaN” (presumably Not A Number). I now suspect that the same component that prevented mirroring also caused this problem, as switching components (but changing little, if anything, else in my Eagle design) has also eliminated this problem.


Interesting. I just milled some more boards this weekend and things went perfectly in the Eagle BRD widget, although I will say that the tabs on inner holes got messed up, so I had to turn off the Tabs feature for that particular board.

I still find the Eagle widget to be massively powerful, easy to use, and makes my life milling prototype PCB’s to be really amazing.

Here’s my board from today:

Here’s the Gcode path:

Here’s the final board top side:

Here’s final board bottom side:

Here’s the version where the tabs messed up the milling paths on the hole:

All in all though, I love the productivity of this widget.

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