Chilipeppr PCB Auto Level stopping on Tinyg

Hi All,

Sorry i’m a newbie to the world of ChiliPepper and Tinyg…

I’ve converted an old Chinese 3040 with a Tinyg board. The board as far as I can tell, is running the latest fw (FB 440.20 FV 0.97) and the CNC machine is receiving commands from ChiliPepper.

I have a probe connected to Z MIN and it seems to work OK but sometimes, when it trips (e.g.the probe plate is contacted), I have to reset the Tinyg to get the machine up and running again.

I also have an issue with the PCB auto leveling widget. The first probe works OK but it then pauses and will not continue. I have googled and found the following link with people having the same issues: but it states the issue has been fixed.

Any ideas please? its driving me mad and I want to crack on with some PCB milling!

I will just add it’s most likely user error.

Thanks in advance,


You probably are getting an error back from the TinyG, which puts TinyG into an error state. This is not ChiliPeppr causing this. It’s usually when you have a soft limit set and the z probe is going beyond that soft limit.

To see the errors coming back from TinyG you should turn off the funnel icon in the Console and that will show you the JSON coming back from TinyG. You’ll see the error there when your probing stops working.


Spot on! I was tripping a soft limit.

Thanks for your help John.

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