Chilipeppr not available

I try to open the chilipeppr page and get a message that “Go 1.9 is no longer available. Please refer to for more information.”

Does anyone have any insight into this? Thanks in advance.

Uh oh. I will have to emergency recompile this. Could take 24 hours.


You aren’t the first person to miss the emails from google about them shutting down Go 1.9 in appengine… Russ Cox, Go tech lead at Google, let his own site hosted in appengine go dark for the same reason. No end of consternation for everyone building on google cloud which depended on being up! :wink:


Yeah… I’m getting a black workspace on Chilipeppr’s grbl fiddle. Sorry to say I’m totally dependent on this fiddle for my CNCing!

I’m getting closer. I got it about 80% reworked, but boy did Google change a lot with the App Engine. You can’t use tons of older approaches like DataStore or UrlFetch, so this is causing almost a full rewrite. Fortunately the core web server model is not complex.


Give it a try now. Mostly working…

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Works for me - Thanks for your efforts John!

This was my life at work last fall; we moved our entire product to the new appengine APIs. But datastore is still available, and you shouldn’t need UrlFetch in the latest appengine — that was an artifact of how they used to do sandboxing. Now it’s basically just normal Go code.


I spent the day using UGS, but it’s not nearly as easy!

That’s good to hear that datastore is still workable. I read one of the migration guides and thought it said it wasn’t. I can’t get my previous code to interact with datastore, but i’ll keep working on it. Right now all the popular workspaces are hard coded to bypass the datastore.

That is the abstraction we built around datastore and memcache (and then wrapped around memorystore redis when memcache went away) and are currently using with go 1.12 for our product. It might help you.

The confusion might be the change in APIs; they rebranded as “Google Cloud Datastore” and changed the APIs. There were a few semantic changes, but we ran into only one, where we had taken advantage of key allocation strategy in a way that wasn’t preserved in the new API and just had to create a better solution, but that was due to a detail way inside our product. Overall, most things weren’t that big a deal to move to the new APIs.

I was talking to our TAM yesterday and mentioned this as we were talking about followups from going away. He said that you aren’t alone in having misunderstood the documentation and thought Datastore went away entirely. FWIW.

is there currently anyway to create a custom workspace and use it with chilipeppr or is this something that would have to wait for the normal functionality of the website to be restored?

thanks for your efforts!

I’d have to get the basic functionality restored again. I could manually setup a workspace for you. Do you want me to? If so what path do you want? And then what is the URL of workspace URL to load, i.e. the Github URL (otherwise known as the boot loader script)?

I have this problem that i cannot log into chilipeppr. whenever i click login it just reload the chilipeppr homepage. is just me or you guys also experience this?

Yeah, the login part won’t work for a while. Login allows you to create your own workspace, but that part is still broken too. This could take a couple of weeks.

Any updates on the login functionality. I’m still experiencing this problem.

Yeah, it’s still not fixed. I do need to try to catch up on that. Are you wanting to use the login functionality to create a new workspace?

My cnc has been on hiatus for a while but I just attempted to open my workspace and I’m having the same problem – login just bounces and my workspace says “No workspace exists …”

Oh no, I had to manually map the workspaces. What was the name of your workspace?