ChiliPeppr network - I'm having trouble with my CNC stopping/starting with arc's.

ChiliPeppr network - I’m having trouble with my CNC stopping/starting with arc’s. I’ve played around with some of the “pre-loaded” lines and “delay per event” and can improve but not solve.

G1 representation of G2/G3 macro does not seem to modify behavior.

Is there material anywhere that someone can share that will help me root cause if its a Laptop hardware issue, JSON issue, Chilipeppr issue, or tinyg issue?

I’m not sure I’m understanding the planner/buffer status bars correctly.

The laptop using about 2+MB of RAM for Chrome during the cut and JSON is about 50-80k. (only 4MB available)

Communication will actually interrupt during arc’s and then briefly re-establish during straight motion only to be interrupted again.

Any ideas? I’m about ready to switch to Universal G Code sender just to try and split the problem.

(tinyg v8, 440.2, JSON 1.94)

My guess is it’s the nature of your Gcode. Any chance you could post a screenshot of it? What did you use to generate your Gcode because that’s usually a helpful indicator? It could be your RAM being low, but 4MB isn’t too bad.

Gcode in this case is quite lengthy, ~2.8MB in size. It was generated by Fusion360 via 3D Adaptive clearing.

Usually I break down the job into multiple tasks with varying bit sizes, but in this instance I just wanted to setup and let it run the whole job with 0.125 end mill for simplicity