Chilipeppr, laser diode, TinyG, and some patience.

Chilipeppr, laser diode, TinyG, and some patience. This was a test I ran with fairly good results. There are a few places I need to correct some gcode problems but the overall outcome is acceptable. I’ll post the finished product in a week or so.

Nice. What’s the size? What diode do you have?

Wow! Just wow! What did you do this in? How did you drive TinyG? We love seeing our tinyg customers do great things!

Dude. This is stellar. Oh my god.

Yeah, I want to know what diode and what command you were sending to TinyG to toggle the laser? Just spindle on/off?

Same… Looks pretty awesome @jlauer Also how long did it take? What are the dimensions of that? Did you CNC the circle out after the job or before?

Holy crap, that turned out great! What laser diode did you use? How much power and what wavelength?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty I used a 6W NUBM44 Laser Diode from DTR’s Laser Shop

@Riley_Porter_ril3y I used V-Carve Pro to do all the art work and gcode generation. I haven’t found anything that does it better but I am still looking and trying different apps. I do wish TinyG was a little more “laser friendly”. I really had to play with a lot of the settings (mainly dealing with acceleration/deceleration) to get close to being acceptable.

@jlauer S0 to turn off the laser and SXXX to turn it on. Once I figured out the best frequency and PWM to use, it worked nicely. I did need to create my own post processor to cut down on needing to mod the gcode after generation. I will say that Chilipeppr performed flawlessly during the entire time.

@Riley_Porter_ril3y It took about 4-5 hrs all total. There was some experimentation time in there was well. The original image is actually larger than what I did but the circle of plywood I used was close (about 18"). This image will go on a bourbon barrel head (lid) that is approx 21" in diameter. The finished product will be auctioned off to raise funds for a local charity event. I did use the CNC to cut out the circle - gotta love a CNC machine!

@Brian_Cross I posted the make/model of the laser diode in a previous reply. It is a blue laser diode. I ran it at about 1/3 power.

@Phil_Aldrich can you describe what a more “laser friendly” approach would be. We can see what we can do.

@Riley_Porter_ril3y I am somewhat new to using a CNC machine with a laser so there may already be better ways than what I am doing. The thing I really had to play with was the very thing I think you all designed the TinyG to do which is smooth acceleration/deceleration when starting or ending gcode motion commands. I had to play around with jerk settings to get it to minimize the laser burning a darker spot at the beginning and end points. This tends to cause a harder motion start/stop but works better for a laser. Doing raster type images that require a gray scale effect with the laser are even more problematic. If someone has already figured out a better way to deal with this, please let me know. Thanks for all the hard work everyone has put into both the TinyG and Chilipeppr. Both are phenomenal and have really changed the CNC world for the better!