ChiliPeppr and tinyg2 driving my clearpath servos.

@ChiliPeppr and tinyg2 driving my clearpath servos. These things are powerful and oh so silent. An arduino due and a $2 level shifter later we have cnc control via usb. So much better than hunting down and/or building something with a parallel port. Excited to get them installed on the machine.


Good jop

cabelling will be so much neater too

clearpath servos

I built something with a parallel port. USB does not support not real time anyways. It never can either.

I think I buy one to make test :slight_smile:
It look good, drive and motor in on case

I looked at those before, but felt they were just too expensive. They do have some good videos out there of their products and they look like they operate well.

We use some of those in our lab. Always wanted to see someone make a CNC machine with them. Be sure and post your progress!

@Frank_Graffagnino making progress!

What are you using to power them?

@Gato1 teknics makes a power supply that is 75v that these servos plug nicely into. That is what I have powering it, I will try and get a shot of it in my next video.

Great! thanks @Anthony_Webb