Check out the world’s first full-color 3D desktop printer. How do you think

Check out the world’s first full-color 3D desktop printer.

How do you think it will perform?

In good old open source style - “Show me the prints”. Without prints to see it is vapor ware. Simple.

Let me know when they have more than a render…

Same, I read an interview about it a while back and try assured that it real. But until I see hard tangible proof I don’t believe it.

Pics or it didn’t happen.(full color print)

Like the bukaneer. Still no working machine

Spec is total Fantasy - 25microns layer height! (Just because FormLabs state that with their Laser SLA printer) Not a lot of chance with FFF plastic.

Full colour - but it’s not really by the sounds of the second press release.

It’s basically getting way too much coverage for a 2D drawing, a basic website, confused technical spec and a almost inactive Twitter account.

Very tired of this one.

Maybe they’re taking my idea and running with it. I’ve always thought an ABS print, with a inkjet color print head (inkjet inks often contain acetone), and the proper software could print in white ABS, and then use standard 2D printer technology to get your color added to the outside of the part. That would make it more than feasible.

@ThantiK They’ve said that it’s mixing 5 colors of PLA, not adding ink to un-colored plastic. Though I agree that that’s a better idea.

They’ve also clarified that it’s not really full-color, it just allows you to choose an arbitrary solid color and mixes to produce it while printing.

Still, no photos, no prints, and not even a real 3d render of the machine (what you’re seeing is a 2d mockup made in Illustrator or similar). Vapor-ware.

Take my money!!

I would give them my money if I had any :frowning:

Didn’t Zcorp have one years back?

“proprietary pla cartridge”…I’ll pass…

it s not the printer cost u more but its cartridge.

At least you can print a with it :slight_smile:

Waporware so far…

It’s actually quite astounding how much of a hold corporate puffery has over the press, when you consider this technology already exists as Open Source hardware.