Cheapest Rotary In The World!

Not my idea, but it makes sense.

Ideal if you’re not planning on doing lots of etching :


Hmmm… interesting. Exactly how is turning? Is it somehow using motion of the x-axis to drive the rotation?

Yes… its being pushed by the Y axis.


Ahhh…I see now. :slight_smile:

This has an added bonus of not needing to adjust the y-axis scale. If it has a tall stick on the right side also it would even self align (more or less)

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It does appear to have a stick each side.

You could also ramp the bed slightly, to stop the Y axis “bumping” it forward (gravity assist if you will).

I would have made one if I hadn’t already built a stepper version.

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I saw one of these way back in the G+ days. Can’t find it.


Same here Don. Could not seem to find a reference to them. Russ Sadler has one on his YouTube Channel.

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