Cheap Bluetooth stereo for projects

I was looking for a bluetooth amp for a project I am working on. I then started wondering if one of the cheap bluetooth stereos for $20 that I see at Walmart would fit the bill. Well I have some Amazon credits available so I was checking to see if they carried something similar. I actually found one for $13.00 with prime shipping! Is it any good? Yes! Here is a link to a video of a car stereo enthusiast putting it through it paces and his opinion. It is now about $13.00 too on

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My stereo system in my youth was a car stereo and 12V power supply. :slight_smile:


Yep, did that also. Ended up adding in a portable CD player and a cheap radio shack amp.

Very cool but what would I do with it…mmmm

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Thanks to YOU I have a lot of cool and interesting stuff that I still do not know what to do with!


Well I fired it up yesterday and used it to play music from Pandora. I turned it off and received a phone call but could not hear the person on the other end. I realized it was still connected to the stereo so I went into the garage and had a conversation using the unit.

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I looked on both Amazon and Walmart for the model (Toronto TRT1049) in the video and on both sites it’s currently $20.

Supply and demand! I am sure the price will go back down in a few weeks. From some of the research I saw, it’s also made under other brand names and model numbers.

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Yeah and it’s a total bummer because i didn’t want to pay more than $10 for the components.

I’m not really objecting to the price, as $20 is still way cheap for what you get.

I get it. But it was obtainable for half the price days ago.

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