Cheap $79 toy laser engraver on Amazon

a few on the LightBurn forum have these and flashed the firmware to GRBL 1.1f so it works with LightBurn. They were out of stock for weeks but 11 went on sale recently. Only 5 left.

Get em while they’re hot:

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I bought one the first round when they were available. Played a little with it but seems like a great deal for the money. Need to invest in a better laser module with a little more power if you want to do more than burn stuff! :fire: :heart_on_fire:

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I have a “15W” module from an Ortur which is something around 4W optical. It works well for engraving on wood and for doing Norton White Tile method so I expect the 3W might work for these too.

I did a few coasters with the ‘supplied’ laser module. It actually worked pretty well.

I upgraded it to the Neje N40630 module.

This is the original compared to it’s replacement and the current mounting.

Let me know when you get yours… :slight_smile:



Got it but I’m sicker then a dog with a cold. It’s still in the box but I did download grblhal for stm32f1xx and built it with defaults. Hope to try and burn to STM32 BluePill tomorrow and see if I an get a GRBL prompt on the USB port.

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While sick and stuck at home I installed STM32CubeIDE and was able to build the latest grblHAL for the stm32f103c8( 64K ) with a little room to spare. Had to use Release option, set optimization to Os for size, disable USB since the JL1 uses tx/rx for serial, and N_AXIS = 3 (min for grblHAL).

I’ll hook up a FTDI to it tomorrow and see if it does talk grbl to me. After that it’ll be all about remapping the IO pins. That’ll mean a new grbl can be loaded onto the JL1 albeit using stlink programmer. final step is working out the current firmware encoding so maybe a latest grblHAL can be uploaded with the existing bootloader and software(for Windows users).

$600 laser is laser stamps machine,and now in china,this kind of machine is almost replaced step by step as its controller is a little out of date
if your budget is not enough,then this machine also works ok,and if your wood is very soft,40w may can cut through,but not 100% sure

I’m sorry but what does this have to do with the $79 laser engraver mentioned in this conversation?

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Advertising keywords, that’s what!