Change notification email subject lines?

Many of you get email notifications of activity here on Maker Forums, and I hope that recently email delivery has been reliable. Yesterday, I saw a notice that the Fedora discourse is considering changing their default email template to make the subject lines of notification emails more useful. Today, I got a new post notification email, and the subject line I could see said only [Maker Forums] [K40 Laser/Getting Started]… The entire topic title, arguably the most important part of the subject, was obscured.

Shall we change this?

Subject lines in Maker Forums emails: Choose all options that you would be happy with.
  • Don’t change it: [Maker Forums] [Category/Sub Category] Topic title…
  • Abbreviate forum name: [MF] [Category/Sub Category] More room to show Topic title
  • Move forum to the end: [Category/Sub Category] Even more room to show Topic title [Maker Forums]
  • Move all forum info to the end: Most room to show Topic title [Category/Sub Category] [Maker Forums]
  • Other: Describe your suggestion in a comment

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Whatever we do needs to be supported by these Discourse configuration options.

Not a lot of voting, but most in favor of leaving it alone.

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