Center Differential... (Yes i know, that motor must be like 20 years old...

Center Differential…
(Yes i know, that motor must be like 20 years old… :wink:

The gear on the motor absolutely needs to be metal (preferably steel). Plastic will wear way too quickly and maybe even melt.
I’m also not sure how well the receptors for the drive shafts will hold up. Tamiya only uses plastic for those on the low-end DF02, any nicer car uses metal (steel is also the the better choice here as Aluminum wears very quickly).

We can already print so many components, but some we’ll just have to buy…

Yes @Thomas_Sanladerer i realise that and that´s were you guys come in. =) I´m hoping for a total redesign of that center part becasue i´m not happy with it. However, i want to realease it with all parts included. It will be a start and there´s lot´s of improvements to be done. I´m really hoping that the community will pick this up and truly make it awesome! =)
I´m also quite certian the gearing ratios is way off since i´m only guessing. So lot´s of work to be done.

A little sidenote on the spur gear is that i´ve been running a printed one in the first car i made. As you said when the motor get´s hot the plastic melts and the gear slips off. Solved that by doing herringbone gears instead. I think it works because my stuff is ancient… Still the spur gear has to be replaced every other run.

The Asso B44 (high-end AWD buggy) has final gear ratios from 4.44 to 14 - this includes the spur - pinon ratio and the fixed ratio of 2.5 for the rest of the drivetrain.
A regular Mabuchi motor outputs about 150 to 180W, Hobbyking’s brushless has 350 - I fear that might easily tear up some parts that work fine with a weaker motor.

I understand. Were gonna have to work on that and there will probably be alot of dissapointments on the way but we will get there eventually. Also printing gears in Nylon might give it a little more strength perhaps?

I think i will just release the car as is and you guys can take it from there. From tomorrow i will probably not be able to do anything until mid March…

As far as I know commercial spur gears (that’s the larger one, right?) are made from PA-GF. Nylon is generally an adequate Material for Gears, even if it’s not glass fiber reinforced.

I’d appreciate it if the files were made public e.g. on Github. Release early, release often :slight_smile:

Github? I have absolutely no idea how that works! Thought it was for software only? You think it´s easy enough for the general newbie?

My plan is to relesae everything tonight (night).

I´m sorry @Thomas_Sanladerer i´t just seems complicated to me… Don´t know what to do really…

Github should work for any file format - it does work best for human-readable formats, though. The reason I suggested Github is that it allows for collaboration, but it might not be the weapon of choice for. sldprt. I just joined Github a couple of days ago myself so I haven’t totally figured it out myself.

Of course, releasing them somewhere, even if that “somewhere” is Makerbot Thingiverse, is still better than keeping the files to yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s the thing with git - at some time it will require you to use the command line in ways that only the creator himself fully understands.

Ok, this is a task where I’m able to help. Due to the fact that also the group is hosted on google and everyone have a google account, can I suggest to use the google code host? You will have the possibility to store the source files, a wiki and and issue managament system. To have an idea of the functionalities, just go to one of the hosted projects, for example this interesting SLS printer
In order to create a new project, just go to and press “Create a new project”.
If you don’t feel comfortable with the tool, feel free to pass me all the source files and the STL exports and I’ll do it for you. Later we will improve the project description, the wiki and so on.

The format of source files could be a limit on the contribution of the community, because having just the STL files it’s not enought. I know that the project has been designed with +TopSolid, that is a really great software (just looking at the site) but it is not so cheap for an hobbyist. Please export the source files also as autocad files, so I’ll to recreate fully parametri designs inside FreeCAD. Look at the possibility of the open source CAD software it is perfect. If we are lucky we will have fully parametric designs for free. otherwise we will have to recreate the source files looking at the STL files… Anyway thank you very much for what you created!

I always thought it was Solidworks… Well, in that case we do need a format we can all read - step/iges would probably be the one to use.

STL’s and STEP uploaded to Thingiverse. Not public yet though, need to do a last minute mod first…

There’s a bunch of us that just picked up 3d printers for making rc parts. We chose alibre pe for the cad. Don’t know if that was a good choice or not but it was on sale…

Great project and I hope I’ll be able to contribute to the cause at some point. Mainly interested in scale off road vehicles.