Case of device without screw

Hi guys,

Building a small device containing a pcb and components that do not leave me any space to put screws.
I’m looking to close (not permanently) 2 parts of the box (4cmx4xmmx2cm without using screws.
I was wondering if there was any elegant technique in the market that I could use.
The case will be in 3D printing (PLA) so I’m a little afraid that using clips or hooks (like on laptops) may break easily.


It would be helpful to see the board since all we know is that there are no screw holes.
If no room for screws, maybe there’s still some room somewhere along the edge for a little friction clip/overhang? If not the then next thing is hoping there’s room on the bottom for some form of standoff from the bottom case to hold the board up from the bottom. If so then maybe there’s some room on top to place a standoff on the top such that the bottom keeps the board, off the bottom, and the top keeps the board on those lower standoffs.

Hmm, i actually did not finish design it yet, i tried to simply it but it a circular pcb. Distance between pcb and the case is 1mm. I will able to to screw the pcb on the top side then because of the battery with other component that cover all the pcb, i do not know how to fix the bottom part of the case.

I have successfully used friction clips of various types including printing in PLA. Here’s one:

I also did something with a similar purpose where I made little bumps that are designed to interface with layer lines for a secure fit, when I was designing a canister filter based on Halyard surgical wrap as a filter back in the worst of the pandemic, working with some health care professionals:

Nice work you did on the respirator cartridge! :ok_hand:
The friction clips may be then a solution to test.

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