Carriage grinding noise

Tried to engrave a slate tile today and the laser head started making a banging, grinding noise. So i turned it off and moved the carriage by hand. If i move it somewhat quickly it grinds. I just got the machine and have only messed with paper until Tuesday I engraved a ceramic tile at 200mm speed. No noise. Today I went to 400mm on speed and got the noise. I tried tightening and loosening the belt and adjusting the carriage wheels. No real difference. Any ideas? Thanks.

400mm/s is likely too fast for your machine if it’s stock. What you are hearing is not “grinding” but instead it’s the stepper motors being unable to move that fast and the stepper motor’s magnetics are resonating. ie you’re missing steps.

There are limits to what the machine can do even if you can set the values in the software. Did you try 200mm/s and see if it “grinds”?

Thank you for the reply. I was using settings i saw other people say they used. I didn’t go back to 200 because i needed to go the bed, (I work nights). When i did 200 on the ceramic tile and paper it did not grind. Ill try again in the morning at 200. Thanks again.