Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk,

Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, keynoted our conference at CES 2015 and he had a great anecdote about his experiences 3D printing at home. He’s a maker at heart, one with more money than us though! Here’s the video…

Salesmen make terrible logicians. Lots to deconstruct in his opening comments… Lots of clever convenient conclusions. Oh well.

I do think a debate would be fun though… One side saying consumer 3d printing is crap, the other side arguing it isn’t.

To be clear, I like Carl. He cracks me up and boy does he know how to work a room. Carl gets away with a lot because he’s so likable, publicly casual… Folksy. Who doesn’t love a guy giving away awesome software to students.

I like him as a ceo mostly because his business strategy is brilliant.

@Brook_Drumm We have an interesting Panel discussion coming soon from CES that involves Max from Formlabs, Peter Weijsmarhausen of Shapeways and Terry Wohlers sort of duking the consumer 3D printing thing out, I’ll keep you posted.

Cool. I love Max and Peter. All businesses choose words carefully to their advantage… Some believe what they say is true :wink: solid challenges to our thinking is healthy. The listeners need a primer in separating opinion from fact. And fact must be backed with data. :wink: