can't wait to receive my pre-order form QU-BD Pre-Production Revolution XL Speed Test 9000mm/s^2 Accel @ 1000mm/s Feed

can’t wait to receive my pre-order form QU-BD

My I ask the cost?


Thank you

Dual motors on top axis? (no idler on one side) That is new.

@Miguel_Sanchez not just dual motors…quintuple motors. 2 on X, 2 on Y, 2 on Z. And an extruder. You could build 2 rostocks for the amount of waste on this thing.

@ThantiK Yeah, but while dual Z motors is a common feature since the Prusa or dual Y carriage is common in many CNC machines, I have never seen before a carriage where a belt goes between two motors and no idler is used. Not that I reckon is anything wrong with that, but I have never seen it before. As with the weight involved, I guess you can modulate it with how big your motors are (and cost too). Apparently, they have everything under control

Would it even be possible to print with the head moving so fast? Looks really awesome, and super sturdy - impressive!