Can't get my e3d volcano to print for more then 10- 15 minutes.

Can’t get my e3d volcano to print for more then 10- 15 minutes. Then I get this flange on the filament. I believe that it’s a heat creep problem. I read that volcano have problems with printing slow… anyone with experience?

That flange means your PTFE (assuming 1.75mm or 3.0mm Bowden) isn’t seated properly or the nozzle isn’t properly installed. The nozzle needs to mate against the heatbreak.

Volcano doesn’t have problems printing slow.

You’re ptfe tubing moves inside the hot end??

The hotend has a black ring you have to raise it and push the ptfe tubing inside the hotend.

In that way you shouldn’t be able to move the tubing. And that will avoid that flange

Yeah it looks like there is a mis alignment in the shaft. If you look at the bevel where it piled up and melted on top of itself. You have to completely take apart the extruder to fix this. I am having the same problem when I had to replace my heater. It is starting to seep out on the top. So it is also recommended to put some red high temp grease on the threads to make a good seal. So make sure you got the nozzle threaded in all the way and then thread in the shaft and coat it with grease. Then you should print great! =)

What do you mean “misalignment in the shaft”? Which shaft?

Please do not coat any part of an E3D hotend with grease except the upper section of the heatbreak where it mates with the heatsink.

Thanks for the info. I have changed back to standard v6 now. I will try to force the bowden tube down harder next time.

Volcano can absolutely print slowly if it’s assembled right. I start very slow for bed adhesion, but speed up later for further layers.

That amount of heat shouldn’t be getting to the end of the PTFE tubing, if that’s what is going on.

If the barrel is getting hot, it could be a fan failure. If the barrel is cool, it could be a problem with the heat break conducting heat to the barrel.

People mentioned the thermal paste, see this to know where it goes:

I suggest reading through the assembly instructions again.

I just changed to Volcano from V6 in the last days.
At first I used my old profiles with the nozzle size adapted - i got continous blockages.
Then I set half the printing speed (from 80 to 40mm/s) and 2mm retraction for my 1.75mm bowden setup. Since that it’s running smoothly with a 0.8 nozzle.
At higher speed, the heater is simply not able to melt the filament as it would be necessary. The viscosity changes, back pressure rise, then your filament get stuck as on the photo