Can't get motors working.

Can’t get motors working. :frowning:

Got my smoothieboard, set it up, flashed it to work with Laserweb3 hooked it to a 12 volt 8.5A meanwell (wired correctly) and USB to the computer running Windows 7 64bit. Running node Server-Smoothie.js and SPJS. Folder loads and I can edit the config.

It connects in Laswerweb3 and I can reset the board and saved the default setting because it was not happy until I did. Rebooted everything several times trying different things. Jog moves on the screen and the DRO updates but I get no movement. motor ( on M1) worked on TinyG machine. Not sure what to do now. Any suggestions? It looked simple but I’m missing something.

You don’t need spjs for LW3

I swear it told me I had to run it but I thought that was odd. Without it I get no com port. Also I put in 1234 for the code for machine control. is that right? Sorry but I am a virgin to this board.

No spjs that for sure. So pin you set it up. It’s a security code for safety

Reboot computer, run node server-smoothie it should connect

@Steve_Anken ​ are you running this on a K40 or some other unit

Yeah, I was putting it in a K 40 with a Nano controller. I am just trying to spin a motor so it is not connected to anything but the 12v power, USB and the motor.

BTW, just measured the ground to step pins and got a pules for every jog of about .04v and I get 3,3v dead on for the dir (0vother dir) but nothing on the driver pins.

Did you set your motor current in the smoothie config file…

Also stock the k40 drives the motors with 24v

If I move the motor the VBB LED glows a bit.

Yes, alphacurrent is 1 as per the laser setup directions. Yes, I know it’s a 24v.

I was just trying to get any motor to work and not involve the k40 at all so I used a 12v I had used for testing and running with a small TinyG demo CNC with 4 NEMA 23s and it ran fine.

Are your motors wired in a standard configuration… are you on a k40 that requires a middle man board?

Seems he is testing just to see the motors running and not actual machine. Nevertheless if he updated the firmware, config is fine, cables connected and serial recognized then. I don’t see a reason not to move. Unless there is an enormous difference in steps per minute that but that could also be notices. What say you @Steve_Anken

This has nothing to do with the k-40. it is not hooked up. The k40 is nano has 24 gnd 5v and LO (laser out) connector and two 4 wire motor connectors and a 3 wire connector for NC homing switches, so it looked easy but just testing the Smoothie without anything else I cannot get a motor to move but I am going to try external drivers because I am getting those signals, just to make sure it works. No voltage comes out the driver side. Gotta go home now, will try at home with a 24v supply but that makes no sense. I need to look at the config stuff more. I guess smoothie only charges the motors when it’s moving as I don’t see an option for in cycle, moving or holding like TinyG. Sorry but I am only familiar with TInyg and Mach controllers so I might be doing something stupid.

@Steve_Anken ​ your description and understanding is fine. 12v supply will move k40 motor with no issue, I’ve done so. Surely if step drivers are not high enough the motor won’t move. Oficial smoothieboard has integrated drivers and it’s the only thing I can think of. Also you could try moving smoothie with the integrated ethernet. Connect and use the jog to move

@Steve_Anken ​ what smoothie board are you using?

Using 4 axis assembled. Quite frustrating at this point. Client is going to bail and I have eat the cost of the smoothieboard and my time. Not happy.

@Steve_Anken ​ have you tried loading up pronterface to try and jog it about?

No. I can’t mess with this any more. The client has a job he has to do by Monday so the conversion is off since he can get something from the Chinese software. I thought this was going to be like TinyG/cChilipeppr, which just worked and was trivial to configure, our clients are using it no problem and like it better than Mach but I can’t even get this smoothie guy to run a stupid motor and three other people tried too so we quit and will just eat the money. My bad for assuming it was as easy since I was driving all kinds of CNC machines on a number of computers.