Cant find the answer anywhere Hello I am using laser web 4 ,

Cant find the answer anywhere

Hello I am using laser web 4 , all good apart from the laser not turning off between cuts.

Example, I have 2 number 10mm by 10 mm boxes one above the other

cuts fine but leaves a cut where the laser moves to the other box
laser mode is set to on

thanks in advance

missed a few of the posts but tried them all
still not turning off between operations

What board firmware are you running ? Have you.selected.the machine profile based on that firmware in settings?

Hi ,flashed the latest firmware on the mana se card from eleksmaker

if I save the g code in LaserWeb open it in test edit and add SO at the end of each pass it works fine. Ok for small files but a nightmare for larger ones

@LAURENCE_PRESTON do you have active the laser mode in grbl ?


enabled that in the lower left hand corner in the gcode input box

is there a button on LaserWeb to enable it

@LAURENCE_PRESTON if firmware is grbl then do as I responded above

Thanks Ariel,
machine profile based on firmware
generic GBRL machine

Hello all,
sorted thanks for all your help,it pointed me in the right direction.
the actual problem was that I searched for laser mode and it stated that the $31=1 command turned on the laser mode,
I know now that it is the $32=1 command
thanks again.

A lesson to be had by myself