can't decide between the Bukobot8 and the MakerGear M2...

can’t decide between the Bukobot8 and the MakerGear M2… any suggestions?


If you care about the source (for future-proofing your investment & general hackability), Bukobot.

Thanks! I’ve been trying to decide, the Bukobot was kind of my favorite anyway :slight_smile:

@Whosa_whatsis how long do you think it would take me to construct a Bukobot 8 kit?

I built my personal machine in 5 hours, but it wasn’t my first time. I usually tell people that you could do it in a weekend, though the updates we’ve made recently should make it faster.

It looks simple enough due to the simple design. Do some of the pieces come assembled, like the extruder / hot end?

The hot end comes assembled, and anything that requires soldering is done. The difficulty of assembly is comparable to ikea furniture.

Sounds prefect! You can upgrade to dual extruders right? How much does that cost If I where to make that upgrade in the future?

We’re transitioning to a new extruder design that allows the nozzles to be placed closer together, and going to a single set of frame parts for the single and dual extruder versions. If you get the Azteeg X3 upgrade when you order, all you will need to add is the second extruder head. We haven’t finalized the design and priced it, but it will be roughly the difference in price between the dual extruder machine and the single extruder with X3.

so should i wait for you guys to update the bukobot 8 before i buy it? (with the “single set of frame parts” all worked out)

We’ve already packed the last of the old units. All new orders will have the new parts.

AWESOME!! what is the current time expected from time of order to shipping the order?

We’re still back-ordered. Our leadtime is currently about 8 weeks.

Thank you for all of your time @Whosa_whatsis have fun with the bukobot!! soon ill have mine :wink:

Sorry, one more question… Is there any type of spool holder built into the Bukobot in any way? Do you have a recommended spool holder if not?

There are a couple of printable designs on thingiverse, but I prefer to use one of these:

It fits a 1kg spool perfectly, and there’s a 12" version that’s perfectly-sized for a 5lb spool or unspooled filament. It zip-ties nicely to the top of the machine, or you can just put it on the side.

Thanks! thank you so much I’m sure my team will me very happy with a Bukobotand we will be sure to show it off at all of our competitions!!

Well as I know both of them personally (the teams) I’d say Bukobot …

Another happy customer

Trevor, as you make your decision consider the people you will be buying from. The sale doesn’t end when they ship the unit. That’s when the sale begins. I don’t own a Bukobot but I have appreciated the support that Rich and Diego have offered me for my homebuilt RepStrap - without any expectation of anything in return. I do not hesitate to recommend their Bukobot for its solid design and Deezmaker for their service. Best of success to you. And, let us know how things work out.