Can't clear work space

I have been using ChiliPeppr for about a week now and trying to get my CNC machine set up. Having the usual typical beginner hassle with understand Homing, Work Origins, Limits etc etc but the fog is lifting, gradually. I have designed a very simple circuit in Eagle to trial the system (2 resistors!).

I can use the controls, jog and send G-Code etc and have got my GRBL homing directions and limit switches working ok. The reason I am here, is that each time I start ChiliPeppr I have two lines reappear with “holes” at either end, like the first part of an “N”. I can’t clear them out. Even though I can drag/load the BRD design from Eagle OK, when I go to print the Eagle design these two lines remain in the ChiliPeppr, ahead of my work and stuff up the start of the run. It does not get to my board design, but just hits limit switches and stops.

It did not do this when I first used it and I have played with many bits and bobs to try to learn ChiliPeppr and could have easily stuffed up some setting myself. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Is there some way I can clear these two lines, indeed just get a fresh start in ChiliPeppr somehow?

Cheers, Rob Ward

Can you post a screenshot? I really can’t quite tell what your issue is.

I am away from my machine at the moment. I think it is the holes for the standard PCB. How do I stop them from being included?.
I will try to post a screen grab tomorrow.

Thanks, Rob

I am sorry but I don’t get how I can upload images. I have checked the tutorials, and scanned other posts, and very few contain images, so not much help there.

However I have done some more research. The problem was coming from the “Blank FR4 Board” options. They were set at 150x100 and this was the clue as the holes were giving me a board dimension of 147mmX97mm, so that was coming from CP (ChiliPeppr). I had the option turned off, but I was using the “Send GCode to work space”, thinking that was sending the whole PCB GCode (This could be a bug, as I was able to insert this GCode even when the FR4 option was ticked off, and once it was there I could not “clear it”.

After faffing around a whole lot I discovered the critical bit of information, the “Paper Plane Icon” (OMG how did I miss that?) in the Eagle BRD macro/widget was what I needed to write the PCB GCode into the input buffer. Now it obeyed the FR4 option and ignored the registration holes.

I was finally able to draw the shape I was after (I am not ready to actually try to mill). I think the banner to the Sent GCODE to Workspace button should say “Insert” rather than send, or at least clear the current project off the screen. Once it is in the buffer it was very hard for me to clear it. It would be good if the tabs in that macro could change colour to indicate they had active components contributing to the final GCode.

Otherwise a frustrating experience, but with a high quality outcome. Mainly my mistakes. I had watched about 5 hours of Youtube tutorials, and they were not all that helpful really. Nothing beats bashing around on the key board and mouse in the end. It is not that what they showed me was no good, it is that they don’t have the time to show what could go wrong and how to fix it. they fly from crest to crest and don’t explore the valley’s of despair in between.

Once again thank you for a great program.


ok, cool. Sounds like you got it figured out. BTW, to post a screenshot you take the screenshot using your operating system’s technique. On Windows hit Shift+Window Key+S. Then just paste it in the compose box. Done.

When you signed up, “discobot” offered you a new user tutorial, and our site introduction that is at the top of the screen when you first show up asks you to go through it. It takes you through the process of uploading an image, among other things. If drag and drop as @jlauer points out doesn’t happen to work for you for whatever reason, there’s an upload button in the toolbar when you write posts. It’s the one with the upward-pointing arrow.

Thanks for clarifying that. I did honestly try, drag and drop is intuitive on some machines (eg my old Acorn RISC PC), but I tend to overlook that as an option on more modern machines. The old hunt and search methods die hard. Copying from the screen is also cool.

I need to check something concerning Auto Leveling, I may need to ask another question, but it would be off topic here so I will consider my question above solved.

thanks again, Rob

Just trying to be clear that we do what we can to try to get the information to you about how to use the site. Click on your avatar at the upper right, then click on the message from discobot. It really takes only a few minutes to go through it, and it will make it easier to use this forum effectively.

I have been working some more on CP and can explain my own misunderstanding here.

Unless one moves the PCB through a strict sequence of Widgets, in this case Eagle Import, to Auto Leveling , to cut the PCB then endless confusion will reign. Even though it won’t report errors, the process of building up an Eagle imported board with Auto Leveling must go in a strict sequence, and all options at eacht stage must be completed. One cannot go “back” over previous widgets settings to make alterations and think they will magically flow through, updating the process. You only get one chance and that is when the widget is first active, and only up until the data is passed to the next Widget, which then has its turn. Turn off the Widgets after you have used them to avoid the temptation!

Otherwise left over bits and pieces of half finished jobs will lurk around and confuse the hell out you.
You have been warned.