Cannot install K40 whisperer drivers (laser device not found)

I’ve just got a 60w G Weike laser engraver and am trying to get it set up with my computer. I’ve installed the K40 whisperer software but when I attempt to install the drivers my computer can’t seem to see the machine when it is plugged in via USB. I’ve tried with a different computer so I don’t think the computer is the issue.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what this could be?

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Which O/S are you running ?


I’m running Windows 10 OS

Do you know what controller is in the laser? It looks like it uses cloud based software.

I’m not too sure. Do you know how I would find this out? Very new to this haha!

Take a picture of the control panel and the controller (the component the USB cable gets plugged into).

Does the machine go through the homing routine when you turn it on?

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I’ve attached some images below. When I turn on the machine it does do through the homing routing, but when I plug it into my computer the computer can’t seem to see it. I’ve tried with multiple computers and USB cables. I’m wondering if the USB port is for reading flashdrives? I’m not convinced that the machine is cloud based

Ah, this is not a control board that K40 Whisperer controls. It works only with the M2 Nano board, and this definitely is not an M2 Nano.

What software did Weike say could be used to control it?

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Ah right! They didn’t say as I bought second hand. I can get in touch with them and ask though

Dont know if this helps but an online supplier who sells this machine says that this machine uses a RuiDa DSP control system. Does this make sense to anyone?

It looked like it might be; it has an FPGA on it.

You can download lightburn and test it with a free trial so you don’t have to pay for it before knowing that it will work.

Now that you have included pictures, I agree this is not the cloud machine. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell what controller that is.

Google image search for that control panel and that control board, each with “ruida laser”, didn’t find any close matches.

One more reason to just try lightburn — good chance it will work, and it might also tell you what the controller board is.


It’s an ST908 (aka Ruida RDLC220).

Try RDWorks and LightBurn. If RDWorks V8’s auto detection fails, setting the model to “320” might work. That controller is very similar. If that doesn’t work, you might have more luck with V6.

If you can’t get it to work and want to replace the controller, an RDC7132G might be a good fit. A much cheaper less polished (but still LightBurn-compatible) option with a similar footprint would be a TopWisdom TL-A1 (aka WaveTopSign WT-A1, LightObject A20).

You could also try contacting Gweike (you got a STORM600 by Gweike), but I heard that their support isn’t very good.


Someone over at /r/voccell has uploaded the software, manuals, etc to their Google Drive when Voccell went under:

As far as I know, those Voccell DLS machines are identical. This stuff should work.


Hi everyone. I’ve been quiet for a while but still working away intermittently trying to get this machine working. I’ve been in contact with the engineers at G WEIKE and they haven’t really been able to help me. I’ve been using lightburn to try and connect my laser to my computer, but the software cannot find the machine. They said that my operating system and software are compatible. I went into my devices manager but my computer could not see it either. Could this maybe be a problem with the motherboard and if so is it easy for me to buy a new one and replace it? I’ve tried with different computers and cables.

I am also having another problem that may or not be related. The pulse button doesn’t seem to be working either. I’ve hooked up the water pump, air filter, and extractor, but when I press the pulse button nothing happens. Is there a way I can see if this is an issue with the bulb or could this also be a linked to the first issue and be a sign that something is up with the circuitry?


Sounds like you have at least 2 problems here with one being connecting Computer software with the laser’s onboard controller and the 2nd problem in the laser/LPS system.

Can you post some pictures of your controller board, laser power supply, etc?

And if you have information on the controller and firmware, please post that also.

gheesh, sorry about that. I thought I hit the scroll/date and saw another name for the post and that’s why I made the comment about a new thread. Man, I’m losing it these days. Again, sorry and I will delete that post.


j’ai acheté d 'occasion/neuve une K40 et jai un gros soucis pour l installer j’ai suivi des dizaines de tutos installation et drivers meme redemarrer en mode pilote sans signature rien y fait
sur deux pc différents il ne reconnaisse pas le laser
j’ai meme changé la carte controler
je suis bloqué
si vous avez une solution !!!
merci !!!

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