Can you cut 3/8" ( edit correction,

(Jamie Richards) #1

Can you cut 3/8" (edit correction, 1/2") solid oak at 15mA in 3 passes at 4mm/s?

Why, yes, yes you can if everything else in the laser is working correctly. Oh, and if you’re using the 38.1" Fl. People thought 17mA was too high, so I tried it at 15mA, 10mA and 8ish-mA. Guess what happened each time? Sorry for the messiness in my workshop, I’ve been doing a lot of engraving and need to tidy things up and clean/perform maintenance on the machine.

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(Jamie Richards) #2

At 10mA, I about pooped myself.
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(Jamie Richards) #3

Finally, with a little more effort, 8ish.
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(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #4

Pretty impressive. For that thickness that’s why I have a table saw lol.

(James Rivera) #5

Jeez, next up: 2x4…on the 4 side! LOL!

(Jamie Richards) #6

I’m one to try it, too, but I doubt it’ll make it through. I’m able to just barely get through the 2 side on a 1x2 after several passes.

(Jamie Richards) #7

+Don Kleinschnitz Jr. Hard to do stuff with a table saw you can do with the K40. I’m going to start making good sized house markers etc. with the 1/2". This example is 1/4" oak.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #8

@JamieR very nice. I guess I will have to have a contest between my K40 and Cnc mill :).
You probably already said in another post but where did you get your 38.1 mm lens.

(Jamie Richards) #9

Amazon. It was around $22. I also bought Si mirrors.

(Jamie Richards) #10

This was a few months back when I had a little extra change in my pocket. lol

(Jamie Richards) #11

I so badly want a CNC! Some day… Sorry about the individual posts rather than one big reply. I have a habit of doing that sometimes.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #12

@JamieR do you have a link I am having trouble finding it :)?

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #13

@donkjr no worries about individual posts they are cheap. I constantly wonder if I can get away with just a CNC, I use it more often cause it has a bigger area.

(Jamie Richards) #14

I eventually want to build a new frame and expand the size of my gantry to something like 2’x2’. I’d love to go for 3’ on the x, but don’t know if I’ll have enough room on my work bench. I can only buy a piece here and there and have to be frugal about it. Took me awhile just to make my Z, but it cost me less than $60 to do it. Drilled holes in the gantry and it’s pretty solid. Almost looks like one of the larger lasers that already have that type bed. I need to fix the idler wheels, or rather how I am supporting them, the screw/bolts are bending from the belt tension. A piece of metal and shorter bolt distance should do the trick.

(Jamie Richards) #15

One moment, Don, I’ll get it for you.

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(Jamie Richards) #17

Robot check?

(Jamie Richards) #18

forgot to mention, I’m using the LightObjects 18mm lens holder.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #19

Thanks I will give that lens a try. I also have the LO head.

(Jamie Richards) #20

Just found the 12.