Can we give Arthur Wolf  or any other willing developers some free PT100 amplifiers

Can we give @Arthur_Wolf or any other willing developers some free PT100 amplifiers and sensors (as well as thermocouple boards if you fancy them) so that they can be implemented in smoothieware?

Our customers ask for it a lot, and it seems from your forums that your customers are after it too! Happy to work together to end up with a solution.

FWIW: I think the fears about it blowing an ADC are unfounded, as if you feed the board 3.3v power instead of 5v it will work just fine, and scale it’s output to be between 0-3.3v. It’s just a fancy opamp really.

Once my smoothieboard arrives (which is hopefully today), I will hopefully be able to get it setup and get instructions from @Arthur_Wolf on how to setup the firmware and wire the pt100 to the board. Cross your fingers it works out.

Yes, I also design boards that run on smoothie firmware and would be interested in adding direct hardware support on a future board. But I think the software devs need to finish the support first before I can test anything.

Once the firmware is set up for testing I would be happy to try out a PT100 on both my Smoothieboard and Azteeg Mini X5

What’s the analog range though? If the scaling is the same 0.01V per ˚C as an analog thermocouple amp then you don’t have a practical range above 300˚C. I wouldn’t count on that amp being correct for the top 0.3V, and you need some safety margin anyways. I think that’s the reason why Smoothieboard has a digital thermocouple amp.


I hope this can get resolved fairly quickly, as I just purchased the smoothieboard and would not like to go back to the original thermistor. I always had issues with those things not seating right. Still in the process of soldering all the pins on the board, but it should be ready soon as long as the diodes arrive before 8 today.

Short term, they do support thermocouples with a digital thermocouple board, which I think is cheaper to get and support.

@Jeff_DeMaagd You may be right, but since it was easier to install the pt100 on my Arduino that is what I have. I just think it would be a waste to order another thermocouple and board if it could be supported.

@E3D_Support I told @Soup3y_gnome we had code ready to test for this, but after contacting the author the code is not as advanced as I thought. Which means I put @Soup3y_gnome in trouble, and I’d like to fix that if possible.
So if you send me some PT100 hardware, I’ll do my best to finish the smoothie code for it.
Please email me at for details.

Cheers :slight_smile:

@Arthur_Wolf Hope all goes well sir.