Can TB6560 chips be used for reprap electronics.

Can TB6560 chips be used for reprap electronics. i found this reprap wiki page have anybody tried regards using these chips?

I ran across that page early on in my 3D printing adventures, but never gave it a second glance. I’m surely interested in it now! :slight_smile:

If you look at bottom there are various links to designs of board. in india i need to find option to lower the price bar and main issues are price of motors and electronics.

I don’t see how a board with the TB6560 chips would be any cheaper than the printrboard - the printrboard’s allegro drivers cost the same as the TB6560’s.

Sometimes it’s not just about being cheaper. Sometimes it’s about being able to produce them yourself, or actually have access to them.

Is the printrboard not accessible? It’s open source. Is there an issue with finding the components?

You have to order around 100’s of them to make it cheap. I can get gen6 and printrboard locally for 80 and 100 usd respectively. By using printrboard I can make premium machines around 800 but for something like printrbot jr. Printrboard won’t be viable here.

We sell Printrboards for $100 each/ $80 for 10 or more. They will be on the new store soon.

Can anybody suggest a 3d printer design setup which is tried and tested. I don’t want to use 3d printed parts and will use those plastic gearbox motor for extruder. I want to go safe route first then I will do something but risky like printrbot jr or solidoodle which will require more experimentation on or need to import stuff. My issue is there are people to buy 3d printer but don’t know what to offer. Reprap is little bit difficult for people as I have experience selling prusa kits.

That is the goal of our MakiBox design. We are moving into beta testing next week and should be in production soon thereafter.

You guys are in Singapore right? You must have cheap shipping from china.

Hong Kong, yes, reasonably cheap, and we are working out how to make it cheaper.