Can someone tell me what this scary message is all about and what is

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Can someone tell me what this scary message is all about and what is the best way to handle it? I get this message when generating gcode with ReplicatorG. My printer is a Monoprice Flashforge Creator X clone. What is Acceleration? Should I use it? Is this message meaninful? Will I somehow damage my printer as it states? Thanks for any help you can provide.


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This group typically turns a deaf ear (and blind eye) to Makerbot™

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@Mike_Miller You spelled StealerBot wrong LOL

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But it’s not really a makerbot machine, just based off the design.

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Good grief… Does the MBI stuff actually have to enable acceleration in the gcode? Why else would they put up a message like this?

@Tim_Odell : yes, you want acceleration. The term just (mostly) means that the firmware on the machine understands that changes in speed don’t happen instantly - you have to ramp up (or down) to the target speed. Doing this well can mean a big increase in how fast you can print and in quality.

See also:

This is so common now that most people will be surprised that it can be turned off or that some machines may not always use it. I’d run away from repg and use more common stuff, if you can…

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Back when RepG was being actively developed, lots of people ran printers at constant speed. Acceleration lets the printer speed up on straights and slow down at corners. Since turning corners must be done at low speeds, acceleration lets you use higher target speeds than not using acceleration. HOWEVER, back when RepG was new, there were various bugs and issues with acceleration, so many people didn’t use it. So it was very reasonable to warn people if their chosen speeds were too fast for non-accelerated printers to do safely.

RepG is abandonware, nobody develops it anymore. You should switch to a modern slicer. You only need RepG to upload firmware to a Mightyboard based printer.

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@Nathan_Walkner There are some challenges getting the more recent Makerbot Desktop versions to work, but Makerware 2.4 is confirmed-good with all clones on the market. It’s stable and still “modern.” Just make sure you select Replicator 1 Dual as your machine type. Download links here:

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You can print via USB to any Makerbot clone printer directly from Makerware, there’s no reason to use a host program. (Astroprint and Octoprint have recently started beta support for Makerbots/clones if you’re interested in that.) If you do want to use USB printing, be sure to update the printer firmware to a recent version of Sailfish to get some important USB bug fixes.

RepG is old and broken, and it confuses many people that the clone manufacturers still recommend people use it for slicing. Tons of people run FlashForge/Monoprice, Wanhao, and CTC clones using Makerware. It’s still one of the best options on the market for dualstrusion printing. If you want something nicer than Makerware, Simplify3D is awesome and has good native support for Makerbot clones.

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Very Helpful Comments. Thanks to all!

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Next question: What is a home built repetier?:blush:

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@Nathan_Walkner you need to make a custom profile. That’s where all the settings are hidden. You can do whatever you want with retraction.

@Tim_Odell Nathan is saying he made a home-built printer that he runs with Repetier Host software.