Can someone suggest a way to make the edge of the top part in

Can someone suggest a way to make the edge of the top part in attached model rougher so I can spin it by rubber wheel on servo?
I need it to be rougher so there is enough friction

Rough sandpaper, perhaps?

Before, during or after printing?

Before printing: Add hash marks or a tread pattern of some kind to the model.

During printing: Reslice w/ bad settings to force over extrusion.

After printing: Coarse file to score tread pattern into plastic.

Heat stippling

you can use “fuzzy skin” an experimental option in cura missing/deleted image from Google+?
Or change the mesh - add a gear, add a diamond/rough surface. Make a sleeve … take a ballon(condom) to pull over … just pull a rubber band around …

Double sided tape, or carpet tape.

Lowering the quality of the print( which is increasing the layer amount)will give it a rougher appearance .1= finer layers= better appearance. .2= courser laters = rougher appearances and a faster print. From my limited experience.

The aim was to turn the turntable using small servo engine, I will do it now by attaching the servo to the top plate from below. The servo will be controlled by Arduino

I recently did something similar, used evostick to glue 1mm thick rubber sheet to PLA drum. That has worked very well for me.

80 grit sandpaper

just paint it/dip it with transparent silicone rtv.