Can someone suggest a good all metal hotend design which can be made on

It’s the same one that’s on the Mosaic printers, but not the same one in the extruder kits they sell separately.

So far my QU-BD experience has not been positive. I shipped my original pair back for replacement with tested known-good units and I’m still not having any luck. At this point I think it’s not getting hot enough (either the thermistor is calibrated wrong or the heat isn’t making it into the melt zone) and previously it would extrude a few mm and then jam.

My Makergear extruder was relentless so I’m confident that with a better hot-end arrangement it will do the trick, I just made the mistake of thinking I could just replace it with the QU-BD and “plug in and print”, now I know better :slight_smile:

@Jason_Gullickson , you having positive experiences with Makergear hot ends, you would absolutely be shocked at the performance of a Budaschnozzle or J-head.

@Jason_Gullickson I’ve been using my MakerGear extruder since May (pretty heavily) without an issues. Every now and then I get some filament that strips a little, but that’s been fairly rare, and I do blame the mish-mash of filament I use.

Yeah @ThantiK I can’t wait to try the j-head, just got word mine shipped today!