Can someone suggest a good all metal hotend design which can be made on

Can someone suggest a good all metal hotend design which can be made on a cnc lathe or manual lathe ?

I’m ordering a J-Head today, I’ll let you know how it goes but I’ve heard great things…

i am using jhead for about a year now and its great. but i am looking at something without/less peek or ptfe.

@Karan_Chaphekar - There’s @Josef_Prusa 's new nozzle:

I plan on ordering at least a couple for my older machines, to handle experimental materials that are only available in 3mm diameters.

I need design so I can make it locally.

I look upon my money spent his way as contributing+thanking him for his contributions. :slight_smile:

Me too man. If prusa nozzle is possible to make locally I am happy to pay him royalties. The reason I am not preferring getting stuff outside of my country is customs department here.

Agreed, I like the Prusa design as well but at the moment I’m sticking to 1.75mm

@Jason_Gullickson with what hot end and cold end you have used 1.75. I never used 1.75 some people say its bad some say its good. I see the main advantage is its simplify your cold end design.

I started with the MakerGear extruder & hot-end and the results were good but ultimately I ran into problems with the hot-end (unrelated to filament diameter). I’m in the final throws of attempting to make a pair of QU-BD extruders work but at this point I’m planning to switch back to the Makergear extruder and the J-Head.

I also got issues with maker gear but that was my fault in assembling. You can go for plastic or metal gearbox micro extruder. They are great. Do you got qu-bd extruders. How are they working. Any input you heard on them.

Patience is the key.

His page does say “Open Source when ready to sell”. He’s definitely earned my trust in that respect. :slight_smile:

Or if nothing happen I can still get jheads as before.

The J-head is great. I will however order a Prusa when available. In my J-Head there are two PTFE tubes on 2-3mm and one 3-5mm so I just have to remove the inner tube to print with 3mm filament. I wonder if I can stick a 2-3mm PTFE tube in the Prusa and print with 1.75mm filament?

It will depends on design. I will ask Brian about it that do he recommends such kind of ptfe swap. May be he can design next ver around that. The problem is the upper brass parts ID is different for 3 and 1.75

I just got a QU-BD extruder working for the first time last night. It’s a good hot end design, but the threads on the cooling block were too loose, resulting in the top of the barrel getting too hot and plastic mushrooming a bit. The included drive gear kept grinding the plastic when it got tight, but switching to one of our Tatsu drive gears immediately made it perform beautifully.

@Whosa_whatsis thanks for review. What’s is tatsu gear? The hot end seems like easy to make. I will just replace the top part with a drive gear and mk7 replacement that you designed.

It’s our custom hardened-steel, super-sharp drive gear made for the Bukobot (machined by people who made gears for the Mars rovers). Our extruders use a geared stepper with a 6mm shaft, but we had a few made for 5mm shaft with this type of modification in mind.

What geared motor you use. Similar o maker gear?