Can someone point me to where I can learn about putting home offsets into

Can someone point me to where I can learn about putting home offsets into my smoothie based printer? I want to add the ability to compensate for the paper thickness I’m using. See if that improves first layer infill etc.

Edit your config file. I forget what the setting is actually named but just search for tool offset.

Isn’t that what M206 is for? In my case if I needed it to print lower ie closer to bed, I’d do M206 Z-0.02 and keep going negative slowly until I’m satisfied with the squishiness of that first layer

Oh yeah you could do it in the config override. That’s probably better.
@Step_Cia can you do that mid print?

So the concuss is to add an M206 Z -0.05 to the scripting startup in my SD3D software?

Does this basically modify the G28 by permanently moving it lower by the specified amount? (And should be placed directly after the G28 in the startup script?)

No not in the startup. Just type it into the terminal and then send M500. That’ll save it permanently (or at least until you reset the value or delete/change the config-override file manually) to the config-override file and set the tool offset.

Wouldn’t it be just as easy to have it in the startup script?

Or would it become get added on top of itself every file?

It would be redundant. It would be like setting the acceleration for each axis in the startup script.

Ic, I like the ability to easily change it (as it would be in the script) vs having to connect a pc to the printer every time you need to tweak it. If I send it via terminal connection, what is the code to remove it later? And can I just put a new M206 in w/out removing the old value ? (is an incremental coordinate change or a relative coordinate change)

Yes you can change the value by sending a new M206 command and then sending M500 again to set the value in the config-override file, it replaces the old value instead of adding it. You can also take the microSD out and put it into a reader to read on your computer and change the config-override file manually. This second option is obviously less preferable, but the option exists nonetheless. Do you print via SD card?

Yes, generally. But not wanting to edit the config at every turn if possible. Guess my old school machinist roots run deep, changing it in the script is very VMC-esk, standard tool offsets etc :nerd_face: