Can someone please try an idea my son just had and post a video?

Can someone please try an idea my son just had and post a video?

He noticed that plastic sticks incredibly well to paper, except it’s more or less permanent. So if anyone has any flash paper or nitrocellulose paper we were thinking you could print onto it, then when the print is done it would evaporate in a ball of fire and you would have only the plastic model left.

The risk of course is that the hot end is so hot that you end up with a ball of fire in the middle of the print, or that it would warp or melt the object a bit but we used to have some we don’t believe it gets hot enough long enough to cause problems

Does anyone out there in internet land want to try this out for us? :slight_smile:

Would an alternative be rice paper? perhaps it would be a bit safer and it could theoretically dissolve in water I think.

Printer paper burns off easily. That’s how I do extra large prints. If you tape down all edges it doesn’t allow any curling, and as long as the model is reasonably wide (so printer parts not tornados) the wobble introduced by the paper isn’t terrible.

The paper usually peels apart when you try and get it off the print so there’s a sort of tissue paper on the bottom. A lighter and a very brief sanding gets that off easily.

It might work. I think the craft store has some for origami. I will see if that works.

Well, then, clearly you need a board made of the stuff! :slight_smile: