Can someone please help me diagnose what is causing vertical lines in all of

Can someone please help me diagnose what is causing vertical lines in all of my prints? Printing on a reprappro Mendel happens with both ABS and PLA. All my belts are tight, and as you can see layers look pretty Consistent not sure if this is even a problem that needs to fix just looking for some input. Thanks!

I really think its your belts but depending on your bearings or linear rods this could be evidence of something binding. Maybe a bad bearing or youre using T5 belts or maybe youre printing too fast? Need more info.

What is the distance from one vertical band to the next? And the distance of the teeth on your belt and pulleys? What about your gcode, is it a single straight line, or is it broken into many smaller line segments? What slicer sorftware and print speed?

Thanks @Brian_Evans and @Jay_Couture
T2.5 Belts, Pitch 2.5mm*
Vert. Band To Band Distance is about 2.5mm*
Printing at 40 to 60 mm/s
Slic3r 097 and 098
Gcode is broken into smaller line segments(I believe)

Seems like the belt might be the culprit, but not sure why it would cause the vertical lines. I’ve used these in the past on a huxley build and never experienced this issue. I’m going to pull off my x-axis and inspect for a binging issue.

How many teeth has your pulley and what do you use as idler?

@Vaclav_Hula Idler end photo

That looks ok. Maybe if the belt rubbed the washer or part.

It often is rubbing against the mud washer. Do you think this would cause such a consistence vertical line?

As the waves are in the belt tooth spacing, i’d say you have either overtightened belt, exceptionally bad pulley or the teeth rubbing against the washer

If you have identical steppers on X and Y check that pots on pololus are in the same position

Thanks @Vaclav_Hula I think I’ll check for over tight belts and keeping the belt from rubbing. Thanks for the help.