Can someone peek at this Gcode and tell me why the tool moves a

Can someone peek at this Gcode and tell me why the tool moves a few MM at the start then the tool stops (it runs in the CP sim just fine). I can run the Chilipeppr (mm) logo and the machine works fine.

The JSCut generated Gcode (see link below) that stops the tool a few mm of movement into the routine.

Is any error showing in the serial port console? Are you possibly hitting a soft limit? Are you getting noise on your limit switches?

I just ran it. It ran all the way thru with no issues. It look a bit to load and start. I’ll post a video in a few and add the link to the video to this post.

First 2mins of the op.

@jlauer I can run the Chilipeppr code, I can run other stuff I generated. The guy that owns the machine is almost helpless, so unless I drive 2 hours to figure it out, I won’t have any answers for you guys.

Thanks @y_milord for running the code, I am glad its not the issue, one less variable to deal with.

Helping my friend has become a part time job, I dont know how to cut him off of spoon feeding. I have tried to get him to watch and study what I was doing during the build. I have spent hours on the phone walking him thru the simplest tasks (like how to resize the Gcode window in Cp took 10 mins alone) .

I just want this machine to work. This is the first time Gcode sent to the machine didn’t actually work. This is also the first time he ever tried to make his own artwork (made in FlexiSign) who uses that, lol. I finally got his files to convert to SVG, then walked him thru the conversion process in AI to SVG. FlexiSign does not export SVG (junk imo) good for a vinyl machine I guess.

Anyways sorry about the vent… He keeps sayin, just show me all the way thru from start to finish one time, and I am good (never gonna happen). He has to pay some dues imo. :slight_smile:

@jlauer @y_milord I held his hand step by step, and press play. Wollah machine starts to run. No thinking it just goes. However he did not type in the correct material thickness, so it didn’t cut through the foam sheet.

So he goes back into JSCut and starts making changes to a new file. He loads the file, and bam back to the same thing. the machine thinks and thinks, but no cut.

I told him to press reset on the board, then all of a sudden the machine started to run the code. Its like there is some sort of overflow of information to the tinyG and it locked up. When we hit reset, it opened the flood gate and fed it a little code.

It will run and cut the Chilipeppr logo, My AKfreak OX logo, a big circle (noise doesn’t seem to be the problem) but the arm file is really jamming up the works. At this point, I dont know what to tell this guy.

I am going to watch the Chilipeppr start to finish video and see what kind of buffer settings I may of missed.

Any ideas… very strange that a tinyG reset starts to run code.

I notice the gcode has negative x coordinates. Are you hitting a limit switch?

Nope… We actually ran the code one time. It went right away no delay. I hate intermediate issues like this…

I did see a problem in the GCode sender options. He had Multi Line Upload Mode Set to Yes, Use Multi-Line Mode (Default) <-- this is fine, but the had 1000 lines (needs to be like 100)

Delay Per Gcode Upload Event (i.e. per line) set to 2ms, and it needs to be 1000ms

The Json Server/TinyG buffer (in the port list) was at 4000, and the TinyG buffer (just below Freehold) was as 34/34.

So if you read back to where I wrote it seems like the TinyG is getting slammed with too much Gcode, I was kind of right.

So I set him up, and the machine ran first time no problems. On the last path, his spoiler board shifted and (the g10 being cut too) and broke the bit. I guess my Torque settings are good, :slight_smile:

I hope he is good to go, he need to get his clamping system, as well as dust collection up and going. I think I am done with him… wait, I still have to help him with his RB Pi2 Grrrr.