Can someone explain to me, using the latest image of octopi,

Can someone explain to me, using the latest image of octopi, EXACTLY how to set up the damn WiFi? I’ve followed a number of how to guides, and nothing seems to work. I tried following the video by Thomas Sanladerer and the desktop doesn’t have the WiFi config shortcut. I tried the guide by TESTED and the complicated guide they link to. Neither work.

I’m getting quite sick of this damn thing. There’s no reason it should be this complicated to simply connect to WiFi, no is there any reason they should have made it MORE complicated.

Sorry. I run it wired.

It really isn’t complicated at all. Is your wifi adapter a known compatible unit for Raspbian? Sometimes the shortcut will not appear if the adapter isn’t compatible. You can also try running the setup from a terminal window (command line) if you haven’t tried it yet.

I’m using the octopi distribution, not rasbian.

Yes, my wifi dongle is compatible. It’s an Edimax adapter.

See, here’s the problem, I don’t see ANYTHING on the desktop except the wastebasket. I can get to what I believe is the equivalent application by typing wpa_gui into the command line, but I can’t select wlan0 in the adapter drop-down. What the hell?!

@Erik_Scott OctoPi distribution is basically a Raspbian image with the OctoPrint software pre-installed/configured. You’re best bet would probably be the OctoPrint community here: or on IRC, FreeNode at #octoprint

I think it involves modifying the wpa supplicant and network config files, forgot the details, sorry

I almost NEVER have been able to use the wi-fi GUI tool in Raspian and have always used terminal mode (or ssh into RPI) and edited the configure files from there. Have been able to set it up without manually edit configure files, did it like that I think. Installed new Raspian image on the SD card. Installed the wifi adapter, put SD card in and THEN powered up. The setup configured the wifi on first boot but never on 2 boot! Now I just have to find my notes on what to edit and post it here…

Here it is I think

Humm think I used this one the last time I did this…

I figured it out. For whatever reason, the OctoPi devs decided it would be best to enter your network information into a text file in the root of the SD card before you even put it in the Pi. I think it’s called octopi-network.txt or something. In any case, I find this much more annoying than using a GUI.

The GUI does seem to still exist; you can type sudo wpa_gui into the terminal. Don’t forget the sudo; it will still launch if you leave it out, but you won’t be able to use any of the drop downs and it’ll be useless. Now, I didn’t actually confirm that the GUI works, as I tried running as sudo after I got it working, and I was curious as to what the difference might be.

On, and if you’re on windows, notepad won’t display the new lines correctly. You have to either use notepad++ or some other editor that supports Unix character encoding or whatever it is that messes this up. Or use Linux, but I don’t have any Linux boxes in the house right now.

Well you actually have a Linux box in the house, it’s called Raspberry Pi :-). I usually just ssh into it from my desktop and use nano on the Pi to edit.

Well, yeah, but I needed to edit the file before I put it in the Pi.but it seems to be working now. I have bonjour on my laptop, so all I have to do is put OctoPi.local into my browser and I’m all set. I think.