Can somebody tell me the difference between this lens: AND THIS ONE:

(Sean Cherven) #1

Can somebody tell me the difference between this lens:


(Gee Willikers) #2

Just the quality I imagine. fwiw have the LSR-ZNSE1850HQ and I’m quite happy with it.

(Stephane BUISSON) #3

Max power and price .

(Sean Cherven) #4

But how much do you actually gain? My budget is tight this year, and i’m trying to justify the extra cost.

(Stephane BUISSON) #5

I am not sure you gain anything, it`s more about the lens solidity certification before shattering.
(the possible amount of energy going through)

(Sean Cherven) #6

So would u suggest I get the cheaper one for now?

(Stephane BUISSON) #7

yes I do, light object is just a reseller on that one (imported mention).
-> better HQ Znse 18 mm 50.8 focal

(Gee Willikers) #8

I have this bookmarked - the k40 group members on fb recommended it.

(Scott Thorne) #9

I have the 29 dollar one and it works great.

(Sean Cherven) #10

I’m probably gonna go with the $29 one. Thanks everyone for your help!

(Scott Thorne) #11

@Sean_Cherven ​…I would…the other is a waste of money…just my opinion.

(Coherent) #12

I bought the HQ one. Must admit I see an improvement over the original 12mm lens that came with the machine. Can’t comment on the $29 one but like others stated you may see very little difference & if money is an issue go with the lower priced one.

(Scott Thorne) #13

That’s good to know, it might just make a big difference…I might just order one today so I can see what the difference really is…with the 29 dollar one I can cut 3/16 plywood at 6mA and a speed of 8mm/s.

(Sean Cherven) #14

@Scott_Thorne , is the $29 one a improvement over the stock lens?

(Stephane BUISSON) #15

pay attention to the lens diameter 12 or 18 mm ?

(Sean Cherven) #16

Yah ik, I’m gonna be getting the air assist head.

(Scott Thorne) #17

It is a big improvement over the stock lens…I couldn’t cut 1/8 plywood without burning it with the stock lens…get it you won’t regret it.