Can Smoothie board power Anet A8 3D printer devices, like step motors, etc.?

Yes it can.

Wow, thanks. That was quick. I really like this board. Although I know the Anet A8 is not exactly an expensive 3D printer, but my controller board just died and laser and cnc mixed with 3d printing sounds fantastic. I plan on getting 3d printing working first. Then save some money and add cnc or laser. I’m certian those devices must be expensive. You guys have lots of documentations, any idea where I can start to start the install and configurations?

Also, would it not be desirable to get a power supply that provides 5 and 12 volts in one package?

That’s what people like PC ATX PSUs for, but it’s not strictly needed. 5V can simply be provided to the board via the USB cable.

For documentation, definitely want to read