Can no longer jog with arrow keys?

I used to be able to jog by giving focus to the jog button on the Chilipeppr UI and then just hitting the arrow keys for X/Y or page up/down for Z. When I started up my CNC for the first time in a while yesterday, this was no longer possible. When I hit up/down/left/right a cursor instead appears and moves to the UI element above or below (kind of like what I’d expect TAB to do). Is this change intentional or has something changed in the ecosystem. This is on Chrome 101.0.4951.41 on an Ubuntu 20.04 machine. Interestingly, if I fire up chilipeppr on my mac, it does not do this, so I guess it’s something about the environment.

I hope I can get it back to the previous behavior, it’s going to be super annoying to jog if I have to mouse click everything.

Nothing has been changed. If you hit the Jog button first, to get the widget to light up blue, then the arrow keys should work ok.