Can I move two motors with a single axis?


I’m new to Smoothieboard and smooothieware.

I would like to know if it is possible by modifying the config.txt configuration file to assign two different motors to the same CNC axis.

For example, when I send the G0 X10 command instead of moving only the X motor, also move the Z motor at the same time.

Thank you

This is really “slaving” the gamma driver to the alpha driver, rather than Z to X, from the perspective of smoothieware. At least one way is to disable gamma step, dir, and enable in config.txt (leave gamma_current correct), and use a jumper to connect STEP, DIR, and EN from the alpha driver to the gamma driver.

@Arthur_Wolf I don’t see config.txt options documented for configuration-drive axis slaving. Did I miss something?

First, thank you very much for the answer, I understood how to do it.

I found info here:

I thought there was some way to do it by configuration without having to resort to physical bridges.


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