Can I get the list of parts I can savage and those which I

Can I get the list of parts I can savage and those which I have to buy??
Well., You people are great…

It really all depends on how much imagination you have. @shauki is the king of cheap builds. A lot of his stuff used regular stepper motors and just…string and pipe…

Of course the quality sucked, but his old stuff could be done really cheaply.

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@Amarendra_Kumar - I think we need to help you with your expectations first.

Do you want a printer to print with? or do you want to learn and have fun building a printer? These are different and they have to do with motivation.

A 3D printer is a conceptually simple machine - and the experienced manufacturers have managed to get the costs down to less than a cheap laptop. However, 3D printers are still quite complex. You won’t be building this machine in weekend or even a week. In fact, if you’re in school, it might take a couple months or more.

If you just want a printer to print with, you might be best saving your money until you can afford to buy one. They are cheap enough that this is the best path.

However, if you really want the challenge of making your own, then go for it! It is a great learning experience!

Just realize that there is no easy answer to your question. What you salvage vs what you buy depends on how much money you have (the more you buy the easier the build will be), what you have available to you (are there electronic recyclers nearby or family that is throwing stuff out?) and what your own abilities are (can you drill super tiny holes through the center of a bolt? can you make your own circuit boards? cut metal parts and fasten them together perfectly square?).

For some, programming and wiring a stepper motor controller is easy and they have the parts on their bench. But they don’t have perfectly straight rods and bearings, and struggle to drill and mount 2 pieces of metal such that they are square. For them it is best to buy the frame and mechanical parts and build the electronics.

For others, it is the opposite. They grew up with advanced mechano sets but don’t know which end of a soldering iron to hold.

You need to start by looking at plans on Look at other older home made printers (and CNC machines!).

Make a list of the parts, and recognize that most parts are complex parts made of smaller parts (extruder is a stepper, burred shaft/gear, pinch roller, springs, metal tubes, heat breaks, heaters, sensors, nozzle, etc).

Think about your ability. Think about who is around you who can help you (your dad? siblings? friends? teachers?).

Throw the list into a spreadsheet with columns “Find/Salvage”, “Buy”, “Build”.