Can I get an opinion on these prints?

Can I get an opinion on these prints? I think the problem might be infill perimeter being set to high.

Nice prints, the last 2 are from the Heart Gears, right?
Seems to be more of a layer height issue, then infill, as those are on the exterior of piece?

Thanks, I wish I could just get them a bit nicer. The last two are indeed from the heart gear. I wasn’t sure if it was layer height since the sides of the gears are coming out beautifully its only the top surfaces that are bad.

Ours actually turned out much like that too, I think we printed it out at the default med setting of 0.27mm layer height. My guess is that the layer stratifications are more obvious on the sloped surfaces as opposed to the straight edges - may just be optical illusions really?

2 options to consider - (1) Printed with reduced layer height or (2) post production smoothing using acetone if you are using ABS?

Btw, what printer are you using for these pieces? =)

@Funbie_Studios By reduced do you mean + or -? I’m at .2 mm right now, I assume you mean try going up to .3 mm? The prints are also in PLA so acetone sadly won’t help. These were all done on a Thing-o-matic.

@Ziggy_Leacock I’ve been trying to avoid shells since they just seem like they mask other calibration issues, but I’ll give it a shot

Oh, I meant to reduce to a layer height of maybe 0.15 or 0.10 but it will bump up the print time by quite a bit.

Ah, PLA prints just like ours… Perhaps some MEK may help with smoothing but we haven’t seen much on this documented (we will be giving that a shot though)