Can Brandon use this " " to backup the R7 thread(s) and post

(Shawn Markham) #1

Can Brandon use this “” to backup the R7 thread(s) and post a link for us to download the content for future off line use after G+ is gone.

I tried to run the “takeout” but it listed no Communities for me. I’m guessing the original community owner may need to do this.

Is anyone trying to back up the data before we lose it; if so can you share your data/processes?

(Shawn Markham) #2

Found this on another page…

Google+ Communities

To download data for Communities where you’re an owner or moderator, select Google+ Communities. You will get:

Names and links to Google+ profiles of community owners, moderators, members, applicants, banned members, and invitees
Links to posts shared with the community
Community metadata, including community picture, community settings, content control settings, your role, and community categories
(Brandon Satterfield) #3

@Looper hey brother. Will we still loose content though. Looks as though this is a way to gather the people not the information.

(Michael K Johnson) #4

I am archiving the community information. I did this for a few other communities like @Eclsnowman 's Herculien & Eustathios community and the K40 community, and I’m grabbing spare moments trying to write an importer to pull those static archives into Discourse so that the conversations can continue. I’m learning Ruby in order to do this, so it won’t be done instantaneously, but if it takes more than a month I can always put up a static archive site until/unless/beside the discourse import so that the information isn’t lost.

It won’t archive videos uploaded straight to G+ — thought it should recognize youtube videos — so if you uploaded a video straight to G+ that won’t come through. But I think in general we’ll be able to preserve the content that has been contributed here.

Also, in the “not depending on me” category, @Eclsnowman will later have something like a week to do a google takeout of this community, in whatever format google deems acceptable, so there might be yet another source of data. Google isn’t making this easy, though.

(Michael K Johnson) #5

I have just enabled Google login for so that anyone with a G+ account should find it trivial to log into — just choose the “with Google” link on login and it should just work.