Can anyone tell me why this happens? Abs at 90 and 210.

Can anyone tell me why this happens? Abs at 90 and 210. Using hairspray on the bed

The heat from the bed isn’t keeping the print hot enough. Is your print area enclosed? If not I can guarantee this is your problem.

The print area is enclosed

I have used glue stick but it requires rehydration before the print starts to be sticky.

Well, you’re still not keeping enough heat in. ABS shrinks. You’ve got to keep your print hot or this happens.

I didn’t stop having this problem until I insulated my garage and fully enclosed my case including a top (that ended up being the tipping point).

And i have a way to ise slic3r with this davinci so i can change temps if needed

The curling off the bed could be a number of things, but the mid-print cracking is from the ABS cooling too quickly. Look for vents or drafts near the printer that could be blowing cold air onto it, then do your best to enclose the printer completely (including the top), then try moving to a warmer space or warming the area the printer is in. If that’s still not enough… wait for spring?

Anyone know a way to revive the print? I have some white abs slurry…


Lol. The only pla problem ive had is getting it to stick

Whats the best bed temp for pla?

Bed temps 100 to 110 ° C for ABS and extruder temps 220-230 ° C.
Try and error …

What about pla? 230c and 60c?

Makerbot pla didnt work well for me but the cheapo pla has been amazing.

For ABS i use 115°C and 245°C on a PEI plate in a 55°C heated chamber.
For ABS the PEI plate is so far the most reliable option i ever found, i’m now using it for over 2 years with no problems.

@Abc_Def best way to revive the print is to put it in a mold and heat it until it melts and fills the mold, let it cool and remove. On the plus side this also will get rid of layer lines.

What kind of hairspray? Aqua Net works great for me but you do have to have your bed height just right also. Another thing to do is have your slicer put a brim around the object which can help and then gets removed after. Also, what’s under the hairspray? I use Kapton and if I have it all dialed right, my bed at 90C even without containment is enough to make very flat prints that stick in ABS.

@Joseph_Larson i just cancelled it and im getting some white pla

I print PLA at 185C and a bed surface temperature of 55C (70C beneath 2mm glass). Glass is prepared with Pure White Vinegar wipe only. Cooling fan on full after the first layer.

For ABS I print at 220C and a bed surface temperature of 110C (125C beneath 2mm glass). Glass is prepared with ABS slurry wipe only. Cooling fan off unless layer time is below 5 seconds.

How thick of a brim should I use?