Can anyone tell me what it wrong with this file?

Can anyone tell me what it wrong with this file? New to lw4 and can’t get it to work right. I have been working with it 2 days and reading everything that I think might help but no luck.!Aib-983gGkwwk7xZzuGGVLmdteUTwg

Post a screenshot of what you are doing or getting in LaserWeb

Don’t think it is the file, but LW4 not being happy with it. says it has minor issues… The design is all black, no idea how it gets turned to red. I just need to engrave it on acrylic and cut an outline that is separate.
It won’t generate code.

Your not showing what you are doing. Need to see the whole screen and how you are creating each operations

Another version of the same design, settings are the same. Changing them does nothing, the code still looks like this basicly. And that is if I get any.

Martín I cannot see the complete operation. Are you doing an svg but want to raster? Also last diameter should not be Bellow 0.1 you are doing 0.09

it is a traced drawing with text over it. Raster and raster merge are the only 2 options.
The easiest thing to do is open the file yourself and you will see everything a lot quicker.

@Martin_SL I know it easier but I don’t always have the time. Did you read the pinned post on the community, the last issue deals with this? You file have some issues. You need to flatten bezier in inkscape so LaserWeb can open it. Bellow an image showing the code being generated