Can anyone suggest black abs that prints nice? I've tried makerfarm,

Can anyone suggest black abs that prints nice? I’ve tried makerfarm, and although no specific complaints Ive had lots of jams and a bit of issues where it takes a really long time for this abs to take the heat coming out of the nozzle. It basically means you have to print really slowly or you get bad adhesion between layers. Other colors Ive not had any problem with. So I figure its a dye issue.
Any one have good luck with a source of black abs? I figure black has to be the hardest to get to be black and to extrude properly given the density of dyes.

In general, darker filament seem to want higher temps, so it might be that you need to crank it up a few degrees?

I have been very happy with the print quality of the black ABS that I sell. No adhesion problems on my ToM or my Replicator, both running MBI Mk7/Mk8 extruders. Please contact me privately (or via the website) if you would like some samples.

Kind of what I expected. I guess I need to keep at it and learn more. I kind of figured it was just me. I really have no complaint it was just a bit more effort than yellow/red were. It needed higher temps.