Can anyone recommend the best vendor of 3mm poly-carbonate filament in terms of lead time

Can anyone recommend the best vendor of 3mm poly-carbonate filament in terms of lead time & general quality?


I see taulman nylon, but no polycarbonate…

Crap I read that too fast and saw PLA. I assume you want actually extrusion ready and not beads…

ProtoParadigm has 1.75mm PC and 3mm PC available for sale at $23 per half-pound coil.

Ultimachine is selling it in both 1.75mm and 3mm diameters but I can’t recall for how much.

LulzBot sells reeled/spooled 3mm too but
I’ve never purchased from them so I am not sure about quality.


Np – They even have huge 5lb spools.

hey, someone said that pc can release crappy fumes. Has anyone did any research around this?

the PC doesn’t release fumes, but your hotend can and will unless you have one that is all metal.
ABS does at PC temps, so you have to make sure you’ve cleaned it out well before elevating the temp