Can anyone recommend a replacement GRBL sheild for the cheap Chinese extrusion diode laser

Can anyone recommend a replacement GRBL sheild for the cheap Chinese extrusion diode laser cutters? Preferably one that allows for TTL control of the laser and allows for limit switches?

xPro board is a good one if you are looking for grbl based boards

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Anything that is compatible with laserweb and dosent require to much messing with to get working would I be right in thinking GRBL boards that are used in routers would work with a laser? Ive tested other software and laserweb is far superior.

@Reece_Ketley well most CNC machine users will add a Diode laser like your to their machines.
I have a Jtech photonics diode, check their website and you’ll see all the machines running grbl

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty thanks for your help I’ve done some digging it saying to use the spindle enable pin for my TTL signal. Gonna go with your suggestion.

I do mostly use a normal Arduino uno with a prontoneer CNC-Shield, because it’s cheap and easy to get.

The Eleksmaker Mana SE is also a good choice for a small laser engraver.

Just a shield: -> Using one in my K40

Abd for a cople bucks more w/ the arduino:

I do have one of those running my 3.8w diode . It does run flawlese even on more that an hour engrave

I have a 15w TTL Diode i have got one of those shields along with 30A/300w power supply hopefully should be more than capable. Thanks for your help fellas.

@Reece_Ketley Do you have a link of your 15W diode? I never heard of a 15W (continuous) diode.

@cprezzi its 15w pulsed on average around 8w but can engrave metals.

Ok. that’s “Output Power: pulse 15W average 8W” in chinese terms! Don’t expect to get more than 3-4W (contiuous wave CW).

@cprezzi To be honest im looking for a diode that can cut 3mm acrylic in one pass my current 5500mw one does manage this at 35mm/s but its incredibly slow and tends to warp the sheet and something that can engrave metals is a bonus. I was looking at perhaps even using a 20w fiber laser and somehow controlling it with grbl it seems that can be TTL controlled however not to sure on optics.


@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty 35 mm/m* my bad.

@Reece_Ketley Why don’t you use a CO2 laser machine like the K40? Those are much better at cutting acrylic.

I wouldn’t expect to get more power from the “15W” diode than from your “5.5W”, because the strongest laser diode in a single TO-can I could find is the 3.5W (CW) Nichia NDB7A75.

@cprezzi Simply put i dont use a co2 based laser due to price and size my cutting size on my own v-slot type laser is roughly 1 meter square im a architectural metal worker so i try to build the things i need.